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You can use the debit / credit card options that are used inside of paypal as a guest account.

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Get ready for the next big update in CS2 - more features, more fun!

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Do not hesitate to reach out to us on discord. We have a team ready to assist.


Lifetime VIP Benefits

As a Lifetime VIP, you get exclusive access to features that enhance your experience and increase your visibility within our community.

Custom VIP Title

Stand out in the community with a unique title displayed next to your name.

Profile Customization

Personalize your profile with bios, social links, and more to connect with others.

Unlimited Access

Enjoy unlimited access to all VIP areas and features.

Priority Support

Get priority assistance from support with any issues or questions.

Exclusive Deals

Receive special offers and discounts only available to VIP members.

What you get


  • VIP Mute [!vmute]
  • VIP Menu [!vip]
  • Vote Extend [!ve]
  • Noclip [!nc]


  • Name colors
  • Message Colors
  • Voice/Scoreboard/Chat Tag [VIP]
  • Paint [+paint, !paintcolor, !paintsize]

VIP Exclusive Store

  • Models: [ALL]
  • Pets: [ALL]
  • Hats: [ALL]
  • Eyewear: [ALL]
  • Tracers: [ALL]
  • Auras: [ALL]
  • Sprays: [ALL]
Be able to join the rap server while full [IG] 24/7 Rap Surf Server - Easy Beginner
44 / 44 [+1 VIP slot]

Private Server Rental

Enjoy a private space with full IG experience, admin access, and no ads.


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Package 1

Ideal for casual surfers wanting a private area to play with the full IG experience.

  • Full server setup with all standard IG network plugins
  • Password-protected access
  • Full support/updates
  • Includes all maps on our network
  • 20 player capacity
  • 102.4 tick rate
  • Admin Access with limited commands
  • No Server Advertisements
  • Choose optional plugins: !store !ws !gloves

Sold Out

Perfect for surfers wanting the full gamut of the IG experience

  • 10 player capacity
  • 102.4 Tick Rate
  • Admin Access with limited commands
  • All maps on IG Network
  • Choose optional plugins: !store !ws !gloves

Not Available

Your very own blank-slate surf server! (pricing determined by a sliding scale based on desired player capacity and tick rate)

  • Up to 40 player capacity
  • Choose your tickrate
  • Admin Access with limited commands
  • All maps on IG Network
  • Choose optional plugins: !store !ws !gloves

How To Order

Please contact our staff via discord or email at rentals@imperfectgamers.org to check availability. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Server Rental Information

All IG servers restart at 5:00AM PST (8:00AM EST) to ensure stable reliability and performance (restarts take less than 1 minute).

Turn-around time for server setup is anywhere from 1-7 days. We have limited availability and it is first-come, first-serve.

Terms are subject to change; we will honor a set agreement for 1 year (12 full months).

Our guarantee

Maximized uptime per our host provider's standards (essentially 24/7 uptime)

Reliable service and support

DDoS protection

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. By using our services you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy located on our website. Please contact our staff on discord or email support@imperfectgamers.org in case something was left out or to be corrected or inquiries.