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VIP Information

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an IG VIP.

Your support helps our network tremendously!

- VIP Mute [!vmute]

- Vote Extend [!ve]

- NoClip [!nc]

- [VIP] Chat/Voice/Scoreboard Tag | [ALL] Name colors | [ALL] Message Colors

SHOP BUYABLES [!store - credits still required] - All Player Models | Pets | Hats | Eyewear | Tracers | Auras | Sprays

- Reserved Player Slot Access (if the server is full, you can still join)

- 5000 !store credits

- Ability to use rtv on our Skill & Pro servers regardless of rank (this is otherwise restricted so that random people can't change the map when you are grinding!)
- PhantomX

Owner / Imperfect Gamers