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All ban appeals should be posted here.

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Ban appeal {76561198141345968} | {BestGamerHD}

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Why were you banned? I was banned because I made a comment in a rap type mumble about making a black person my slave in part of the rap

Who banned you? I honestly don't know

I realize that what I said was hurtful and offensive, and I'm sorry.
I said something that was racist, and I take full responsibility for my words.
Im truly sorry for the hurt and offense that my words caused, and I want to make things right.
I want to do better and learn from my mistake. Is there anything I can do to make things right?
I'm committed to educating myself and being more mindful of my words and actions in the future.
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Re: Ban appeal {76561198141345968} | {BestGamerHD}

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Thank you for submitting a ban appeal. The staff member who banned you will be making contact about your ban. Please allow time for the staff member to respond.

Thank you
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Re: Ban appeal {76561198141345968} | {BestGamerHD}

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Thank you for submitting a ban appeal. At this time we have come to a decision to unban you but if you continue this behavior you will be banned again.