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Twank Unban - midgetyoda91 - 03-03-2021

The Unban of Twank

Username: Twank
When you got banned: I don't remember but it was a long time ago
Why you got banned: Mic Spam
Permanent Steam Profile URL:

What was the situation before you got banned: This was a long time ago I really don't remember that I was rapping and they said my mic was bad and like acting up but I kept going and they muted me and then I went again and they banned me
Who banned you: I'm not sure who banned me
Are you in the wrong or in the right: I am in both because I didn't realize but I should've heard them say my mic was acting up and to stop. 

RE: Twank Unban - Jumpman - 03-30-2021

Hello Twank,

Appeals are generally ignored when there is not enough information for someone to help you. In this case, you failed to provide us any name pertaining to who banned you. This is crucial for our staff to know if it's their responsibility.

If you would like help however, please try again with proper information... this thread is closed.