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1)  Be an active part of the community - IG Staff are the face of the organization and we need you to be present!
2)  Help in whatever way you can!  Maybe you are a good surfer, teach others how to surf.  Encourage new people to rap/freestyle.  Explain to potential DJ's how to use SLAM and get good beats.
3)  Make sure you on our discord, forums, and servers.
4)  Become a VIP - Very Important Person!  The perks are awesome, and supporting your "home" is noble.
5)  Promote IG - get your friends to join our community!  If you are reading this, you know how special the Imperfect Gamers community is.  We support each other and truly bond through our gaming experience.
6)  When writing a Staff application, be yourself!  Explain why you are a good representative for the IG community.
7)  All eyes are on you if you decide to apply for Staff - act with integrity and uphold the values of IG.
8)  Be confident - you have something great to offer, never doubt yourself!