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What is up IG Staff, Its me, mmmPUDDIN again. Ive thought about this and would really like to be a part of the IG Staff team. Since my last application ive grown as a person and as a part of the IG community, and think that now i'm more suitable to be a member of staff.

I feel as if i'd be a good member of staff as i get along with a very large amount of the community already, and my name is fairly well known within the community. i'd like to say i give off very positive vibes and that they help bring out the good in the members of IG. i've been a part of IG off and on since late 2017, however i had not been very active since march of 2020. i expect myself to remain active on IG for the foreseeable future, and will try to be as helpful and as active as possible. i'm a big team player, and enjoy working with other people. im well liked by the staff of ig and think id fit in with them. ive been a big dj for the server and as an artist ive worked countless hours to keep the music i play for the community fresh and the music diverse, to hopefully let some rappers shine on the beats. ive stuck around for so long as it's an amazing feeling knowing that something you made was enjoyed by countless people, and this community is very welcoming to producers like myself, and i strive to help others get into the music game. This community as awesome, and i feel as if i can contribute to keep it that way.


Discord: mmmPUDDIN#2903