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Sup, this apostle. My shit was childish years ago but now i'm a big boy and understand what "wrong" is.

Why I should be mod

For starters, I think I make a solid impact. I've brought a lot to the community, both in lightheartedness (read: gay bars) and in actual talent (read: serious bars). I believe I help the rappers bring out their most vibrant selves when I come on, and the server is better for it. I also play beats and listen to what the people wanna hear. I think I'm just good on the server.

I know the rules and where the line is like the back of my hand, and I have a great relationship with Jump. I believe I see things the way he sees things, and I would be great for enforcing the rules how he would like them to be enforced.

Why I want to be mod

I wanna ban the screamers at 9 am who come on while I'm rapping who can avoid !vmute.