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My Background

Good evening, my name is Eros a.k.a Strought as known on the server. I am seventeen years old and my hobbies consist of beatboxing, rapping, and playing multiple instruments (yeah I'm a band kid). I joined the server a little less than a year ago and I got my beatboxer tag around 6 months in. I was not active in the server until maybe a month or two in but now I am on most days and every night. 

What Makes Me Qualified For Staff?

Above all, I am a dude who just likes to help others, I am beyond nice to those with reason and do not tolerate trolls who just come on to spam racist/homophobic slurs and there have been many instances when the server was full of people and one person gets on to just mic spam but no one to mute them is around. This damages the community and its reputation and I would love to help. I cannot stand for people who use racist/homophobic slurs even if it is a joke. I tend to take lead in many scenarios, yesterday there was an admin who was hosting a rap battle and I took initiative and declared the rules to the newer competitor, timed it, and essentially established the whole battle. I see many players returning nowadays and I want to help this small influx. Not only this, but the server is full every single night, I would love to be there to keep the peace

Thank you for your time,
Eros H.