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Le dieu

Hello, my name is Le Dieu, you all know me as luke, mickey. I want to make this short and sweet because I know you guys are extremely busy. I want to apply for staff because I think it would be a great fit! I’m always on at night, I always have nvidia replay on and I always clip it. I love the server, it is the first thing I do when I get home from work, I spit bars with everyone too. But in a serious matter, I want to apply to become a mod. Not just because I love the server, because I want to be able to advance in the ig family. (Also that staff only minecraft server sounds kinda dope). On a serious note, i’m on usually from 11-pm to 4 am. And we get a bunch of trolls when everyone is usually gone at 2-3 am. I used to be an admin on a minecraft server before it closed down, watching for hackers and trolls and I still take the trolls to heart to this day when they come on imperfect and start coming to the server and start saying er and fa and I don’t appreciate the nature. I promise to take this job very maturely and very seriously. Thank you for your time I appreciate everyone of you and I hope to become one of the ig staff family and I appreciate your time reviewing my application. God’s speed -Le dieu